The Brain

Topics: Cerebrum, Cerebral cortex, Frontal lobe Pages: 3 (630 words) Published: March 17, 2013
The Brain

The Brain

Steve Scouten

Psychology 202 09/23/2012 Professor Andy A. Gauler

University of Phoenix


This paper will assist you in knowing the difference between the inner core of the brain compared to the cerebral cortex or outer covering of the brain while defining the importance of each. I will cover the definition of sensation and perception, explain the difference between them and give a sound example too. Furthermore, I will give the results of the left/right brain test in addition to how my orientation will help me with my future goals.

The Brain

The brain is compiled of two different major cores, the inner core and the outer core. The inner core can be separated into four areas, frontal, temporal, parietal and occipital regions. The outer core is one continuous cover on the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Inner Core

The frontal lobe, located in the front of the forehead is the main control center for all of the muscles throughout the entire body. On top of that, it also is the master control area for your emotions and attitude. Planning and decision making initiate in this area, in addition to major problem solving capabilities. The temporal lobe, located on the side of brain, is an important area for processing auditory functions as well as contributing to maintaining a good equilibrium. Facial recognition is another important function of the temporal lobe. The parietal lobe helps us to feel pain and pressure. It also helps us to realize the sense of touch and even temperature. The Occipital lobe deals only with the visual aspects of everyday life and the things we see. Outer Core

The outer core is also known as the “Cerebral Cortex”. The cerebral cortex is the main storage area of...
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