The Birth Of Musa

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The birth of Musa Prophet Musa was born at the time when phiroun was ruling. Phiroun hated the Bani Israel the descendants of Prophet Ya’qoub or Jacob. Phiroun hated and disrespected the Bani Israel. They were kept in places where they keep slaves, and forced to work for him for small wages or nothing. The pharaoh wanted the people to obey him only, and to believe in the gods of his invention. One day he was told that a child from the tribe of Bani Israel would be born and overthrow him. He then ordered that every male child to be born should be killed.Musa’s mom was scared for her new born baby so then Allah told her don’t be scared, and put the baby in the basket, and put it In the river, and make him one of our messengers. She put Musa in the river, and told her daughter, Maryam to follow it, and she saw that it went to phirouns palace, and she told her mom the good news. They needed a nurse to suckle baby musa, they couldn’t find anyone so musa’s mother came, and baby musa started drinking from it. When Musa grew up Musa’s mother could meet him. One day he saw two men fighting one was an Israelite the other one was an Egyptian so musa hit the Egyptian with his fist on his chest, musa did not intend to kill the man but the man died. Musa was afraid because the punishment for killing a man was death. So Musa decided to go to Egypt.

Musa’s journey to Sinai desert

Musa get’s to Sinai desert, and there he see’s two girls trying to take care of their sheep, musa thought that they needed help so he asked them why are you doing this work, men are supposed to do this work, the older sister said our dad is old, and that we can’t push the men away to give our sheep the water. Musa said let me do this work when the work finished the girls told their father that a stranger helped them, so their father invited musa to his house, when musa went to the old man’s house the old man said I will marry you to one of my daughters if you work for me for 10 years, and musa

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