The Benefits of Working While in School

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The Benefits of Working While in School

In a recent survey by Universum, an employer-branding firm that regularly conducts surveys on companies, researchers asked employers which personal qualities they seek most in potential employees. Three of the most desirable traits were professionalism, high energy levels, and confidence. Many college graduates are finding themselves lost in the real world when they are repeatedly turned down for positions for which they were academically qualified. Although these young adults may hold a degree in their desired field, they are severely under qualified for the positions because they lack the qualities that employers are searching for-qualities that candidates can obtain by having experience in the form of a part-time job. Professionalism, high energy levels, and confidence are skills that a part time job while in school will surely teach prospective employees.

First impressions are everything, especially when you are meeting a potential employer for the first time in the form of an interview. Lacking knowledge of proper interview etiquette such as dress, language, and overall appearance can severely hinder your chances of securing the position in which you are interested. Acting with proper etiquette such as a firm handshake and a straight stature can instantly send a signal to the employer that you are capable of handling yourself in a professional manner. A part-time position at a local restaurant may require you to dress in a professional manner. A neat, tucked-in shirt with slacks is a standard in all Outback Steakhouse locations around the country. Looking your best at an interview is the first step in landing that dream job in the business firm you have worked so hard for, and you could learn to look your best by simply working in a setting that has a more formal dress code.

In addition to looking your best at an interview, it is also important to feel your best, and let the employer know it. Waking up at...

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