The Beginning, of a New Life.

Topics: American films, New York City, English-language films Pages: 2 (842 words) Published: July 16, 2013
The Beginning, of a New Life.

By Juan Roman

In the fall of 2011, I moved to Buffalo, New York and took two years to get here. I do not regret anything. I arrived knowing nothing and speaking English was not the same as when I was twelve when I was studying in Tampa, FL. Some people may think it’s funny that I came here not knowing the woman I was to live with. My mother was happy but scared at the same time that I was going to a city that I did not know and almost alone, without close relatives or even friends. But one that does not risk does not succeed.

Many are wondering just what brought me to Buffalo, NY. I left a place with plenty of sunshine, beautiful beaches and lots of fun to a place that winter is. I met my wife on a social networking site. It was crazy, but I prepared my destination. In my country, I was unemployed and the place where I worked gave up my services and I could not find work. I started receiving unemployment benefits. I liked being at home all day. When I met my wife on the social network, we began to write and then we exchanged the phone numbers. After two months I moved to Buffalo to start a new life. She already had a child and I had no children at the moment. I talked to my mother about it and told me that if I felt happy doing that she supported me. In the following days I looked for information of Buffalo and buy a ticket, pack and what needed for the trip. But first I decided to visit my dad in Florida because he had not seen in a long time. So my trip began on October 29, 2011 to Lake City, FL.

Lake City is a beautiful place with friendly people and almost everyone knows each other, because it is a small town and there are few places that have entertainment. When I was there first time in the year 2002, there was almost nothing, just some parks, five disco bars, and where all young people share a lot after going to the movies or the clubs ... Wal-Mart. On...
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