The End from the Begining

Topics: Indigenous peoples, Identity, Colonialism Pages: 3 (1060 words) Published: April 5, 2011
The Article the end from the beginning re (de)finding Aboriginality written by Michael Dodson explores the notions on how Aboriginal people have been represented and perceived by the early settlers. Michael Dodson makes a critique on the language from previous historians. They Mention in the beginning that the Aboriginal people were seen as Noble savages from the prehistoric beasts, blood thirsty, cunning ferocious” that they even fell in the classification of blood types which gives an idea of an animal like classification, scientific based and based purely on Age and descent. ( Dodson, 2003: 19-20). Michael Dodson Argues the question as to how can the colonisers understand all the aspects of the indigenous people if they haven’t actually experienced it first hand? He also stresses on the importance of the Aboriginal voice and how it’s actually excluded in the society that they need to speak back. The Main aim of the Article is to show the readers how aboriginal people were being defined by the early settlers. There are several discourses which are explored in the article. The first is the Prison knowledge Built which gives the image that Aboriginal people are seen as objects and have been imposed with labels through the coloniser’s gaze. Also the United nations study which was the emergence of the Aboriginal people in the international area and commissioned a study on the problem of Discrimination and examined the situation of Aboriginal people throughout the world. The second are the twin projects, which are the self identification and the mirroring image which talks on how essential it is that Aboriginal people need to develop a sense of identity for themselves and to be free from the control of and manipulation from the colonisers, Michael Dodson is trying to tell the Aboriginal people to actually take control on their own lives and to try and use their voice and speak back to break away from all these labels and stereotypes, The...
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