the alchemist

Topics: Writing, Present tense, Past tense Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: May 26, 2014
Bob Ray
Essay Reflection
My first year of high school has been challenging. My world literature class’s writing assignments were the most challenging. There were many things that I find difficult but I had to make adjustments so I can improve as a writer in high school. At the beginning of the year, I struggled most in the analysis part of the essay. The analysis made up most of the point value of a paragraph. In the Maus essay assignment, my paragraphs were made up of mostly summaries instead of analyses. At the beginning of each paragraph, I used the topic sentence as a summary of the paragraph instead of referring back to the thesis statement. For example, in paragraph two, I wrote, “At the beginning of chapter three, Vladek’s insists that Art should finish everything on his plate upsets Art”, and the majority of the paragraph was even more of a summary than analysis. The analysis part of my essay was a big problem at the beginning of the year; I got a lot of points deducted as a result.

I have improved my writing since the beginning of the school year by mainly reading the directions carefully and referring back to the rubric as a guide. For example, I lost five points on my Maus essay because I did not read the directions carefully. On the rubric of the assignment, it asked me to write a student goal, but I did not write the goal down. If I have read the directions more carefully, I would have received a higher grade, and after all, they were five easy points. Reading the rubric more carefully has helped me grow as a writer tremendously. While I was writing my research paper, I would always refer back to the rubric and make sure that I’m following directions and answering those guideline questions. It had helped me greatly because I think I would have received a much lower grade on my research paper if I did not refer back to the rubric and follow directions. I learned that if I want to be a successful writer in high school, I...
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