The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Use of Computers in Tertiary Education

Topics: Education, Learning, Technology Pages: 3 (776 words) Published: December 11, 2010
The ability to utilise information technology at the tertiary level has many disadvantages, but on the other hand the drawbacks could leave many persons asking if society benefits? Education is a very suitable medium for social mobility as on transcends the various classes, strata and levels of education. This is one option in order to achieve some measure of financial freedom. This statement implies that anyone must embrace, straddle and overcome the establish levels in an education system. That is from the informal learning one experience from birth to the formal early childhood to the elementary level then secondary and eventually the tertiary level. In this twenty-first century of many technological advances, it is absolutely essential that consideration be given to the acquisition, implementation, utilisation, and function of information technology through the use of computers at the tertiary level of education. This development of computers provided tertiary educators and students with a new dimension to challenge their capabilities, explore new horizons in learning and exploit the system that existed. Both constituents met their requirements and demands of tertiary level studies in the form of output in producing documents for presentation, preparing papers for submission, acquiring information for research, keeping of records and just knowledge for development with just a click.

The advantages that present themselves to the student signals “Studying…. made in heaven”, easy access to reliable information, no note taking, implying full attention on the lecture or activity. Storage of information is not bulky. As students embraced the technological age, presenting their coursework papers in a legible manner, with little grammatical and spelling errors, lecturers who were not computer savvy were scrambling to acquire the necessary skills to match the students. Note taking and reading of textbooks, even the buying of textbooks are becoming rare, all...
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