Effects of Computers on Higher Education

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Effects of Computers on Higher Education

Through the ages, industrious individuals have continuously created conveniences to make life easier. From the invention of the wheel to the lightbulb, inventions have propelled society forward. One recent modern invention is the computer, which has improved many aspects of people’s lives. This is especially true in the field of education. (Therefore / Because of) computer technology, higher education today has three major conveniences: lecture variety, easy research, and time-saving writing methods. One important effect of computer technology on higher education is the availability of lectures. (For this reason / As a result of) the development of computer networks, students can obtain lectures from many universities in real time. They are now able to sit down in front of a digital screen and listen to a lecture being given at another university. In addition, interactive media can be used to question a lecturer or exchange opinions with other students via e-mail. Such computerized lectures give students access to knowledge that was previously unavailable. (For this reason / Because), students can learn from professors in specialized fields, regardless of where they are teaching. The development of computers also makes it possible to have access to more information via the Internet and databases. (Since / Consequently), when students research a topic, they do not necessarily have to go to the library to find information because many articles and even textbooks can be downloaded via computer. It is now extremely easy to use the Internet and databases since all one has to do is type in a few key words and wait a few moments. The convenience of doing this type of research from home helps busy students who would otherwise not have time to visit a campus library. Finally, computer technology helps students with their academic writing assignments. E-mail assignments are becoming more common at universities....
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