The Address

Topics: Family, Time, Narrator Pages: 3 (1297 words) Published: July 29, 2013
Justify the title of the story, “The Address”.
The story revolves around the author, who, after a long period of time, has come to her former neighbor, Mrs. Dorling to claim her possessions back; the possessions being lent to Mrs. Dorling by the author’s mother as a ‘refuge’ at the time of war. The author’s mother gave Mrs. Dorling’s ‘Address’ to the author to re-acquire their belongings back when the terrible situation of war gets back to normal. For the frustration of the author, as she reaches the concerned location, she was greeted by the rather hostile and ill-behaved resident of the Address. Mrs. Dorling’s unwillingness to return her belongings was apparently reflected by her attitude. When, the second time she visited that house, she was distressed and regretted her decision of claiming her belongings back and consoled herself to adjust without her precious belongings. What are the contrasting elements in the characters of Mrs. Dorling and Mrs. S? The mother of the author, Mrs. S was a lady of simplicity. She didn’t seem to have seen the harsh and cruel side of this two-faced world. She could easily befriend people, and rather more easily, trust them. That’s why she trusted Mrs. Dorling, who was just an acquaintance of her, and allowed her to keep all her precious belongings for the time being. Moreover, she was so kindhearted that she was sympathetic enough for Mrs. Dorling, who had to carry all her heavy articles all alone. In contrast, Mrs. Dorling was an absolute thief, a unique combination of cunningness and betrayal. She cheated Mrs. S and seized her very precious belongings very wittingly. She can be called a perfectionist in this ‘occupation’ of hers. Why did the author decide against claiming her family possessions from Dorling? Having being treated unpleasantly and noticing the repulsive reaction of Mrs. Dorling in her very first visit, the author developed an awful impression of Mrs. Dorling. Moreover, the author was very shocked to see the...
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