The Accountability of Citizens for Their Own Health Care

Pages: 2 (351 words) Published: October 28, 2014
Health care service whether should be granted to citizens by governments for free has been a controversial issue over a decade. A vast majority of citizens would certainly support the creation of the free health care scheme. Yet, governments express serious concerns about the free health care services for their free health care services for their citizens.

First and foremost, providing free health care services to citizens is deemed to be an enormous expenditure. Evidently, government revenues are generates from taxpayers, who are citizens themselves. In this sense, imposing a tax levy is expected in return for free health care services. This leads to citizens’ financial burden since they are unable to pay high tax.

From another standpoint, wealth citizens may find it unfair to pay sizeable amounts of money in taxes, since they are healthy that do not require health care service. As citizens consistently make use of health care services provided to them, hospitals are prone to be collapsed. A shortage of doctors and nurses causes long queues and poor service accordingly. Moreover, free health care services may discourage citizens from taking preventative approach on their health since they think that governments pay for their health care service. As a result, this leads to waste of resources.

Ultimately, citizens ought to be responsible for their health care. In our times, insurance service companies provide premium insurance packages for their clients. The packages are tailor-made to match each client’s health situation, which provides patients with the suitable medical treatment efficiently rather than queuing at crowded hospitals. Hence, citizens using private insurance companies not only benefit from them, but also help release governments’ pressure.

On the whole, governments require to reconsider offering free health care service to citizens in terms of consequences it may cause. Wealthy citizens who bear a larger tax burden would find the free...
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