The Acceptibility of Coconut Shell as an Art Paper

Topics: Research, Statistical significance, Art Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: August 22, 2010
The Acceptability of
pulverized coconut
(Cocos Nucifera)
as an art paper

Our world today is faced with many problems. One major problem is the depletion of natural resources. Trees, for example, are cut out because they will be used in making different products such as papers. This will branch out to many problems like global warming. In this research, coconut shell (Cocos nucifera) will be tested to see if it can be used as an alternative in making art paper. We chose to make a research about paper since its demand is high. Papers are widely used everyday. This research will be conducted within the campus of BHC. Within this research project, researchers will make various proportions of pulverized shells. Researchers will use starch with 20 ml water to put the materials together. This liquid concentration will be our dependent variable. Researchers will make their independent variable into three different proportions. 75g powdered coconut shell and 25 g shredded old newspaper; 50g powdered coconut shell and 50g shredded old newspaper; 25g powdered coconut shell and 75g shredded old newspaper. This will help us to test the toughness of the art paper particularly art papers used as corkboards. We chose to use coconut shell because of its high durability and because it is the most versatile part of the part of the coconut. This will help us in protecting our nature and at the same time, the product will be more affordable since the materials used are cheaper. Coconut shell (Cocos nucifera) is the most versatile part of the coconut. The shell is inorganic in nature; this will help make our product eco-friendly.

The researcher aims to study on the acceptability of the pulverized coconut shell as an art paper. Specifically, it aims to answer the following questions:
1.How will the use of pulverized coconut shell affect the
a.Durability of the paper?
b.Color of the paper?
c.Texture of the...
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