Seaweed as Ink

Topics: Algae, Seaweed, Plant Pages: 4 (1108 words) Published: August 11, 2011
Chapter 1


Background of the Study:
For the past years, we, the proponents, noticed that the prices of products sold on stores keeps on increasing due to the unstable price of oil. We all know that life becomes harder and harder, and the products of our prime commodities and bills that we need to pay keeps on increasing. We also know that in our time today, we have to save money for our near future and for emergency cases. There are some ways to avoid spending too much money. One of those ways is to recycle. Recycling is common to us, people, nowadays. We recycle not just to help to reduce the number of trash dumped in the dumpsite, but also to use that trash in another useful way. Another way to avoid spending much is to use our natural resources. A good example for that is our project. If our markers will ran out of ink, we don’t need to buy a new one, because all we have to do is use seaweed and mix it with the other materials stated in Chapter 2. Because of this project, we can save more and spend less.

Statement of the Problem:
Most people in school, particularly the students and the teachers, needs markers for our reports, projects, and etc. But one of the problems in using markers is they ran out of ink easily. Because of that, we need to buy again a new one, since no one or no store sells refill inks for markers. But the question is- how can we make refill ink for our markers in a cheaper way? Can our natural resources help us in this situation?

Significance of the Study:
This study is important because it can help us in spending less money. The persons who can get most the benefit of this study are the teachers and the students, because due to this project, they can save money for our other needs. If the project is already done, we, the one who uses markers, will be able to avoid spending too much on markers.

Review of Related Literature:
Seaweed is a loose, colloquial term encompassing macroscopic, multi cellular,...
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