The 140 Marketing terms you must know

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Above the line
The most visible part of a communication
program for the end consumer. Uses mass
media channels such as press, bill boards,
radio, TV and cinema. See also Below the line.
A company that uses advertising as a strategic
tool to build its business. The advertiser most
often works with an Advertising Agency.
Advertising Agency
The advertiser’s first communication partner.
Designs campaigns that run in press, TV,
billboards, radio, cinema and online.


Key departments are Strategic Planning,
Account Management, Creative and
Account Director
The client contact at the advertising agency:
- briefs the right agency resources
- sells the agency work
- oversees the account profitability
Adaptation work
All translations, modifications and specific
implementation ideas that will make a global
campaign work locally to full effect.
Agency Brief
The crucial meeting (and document) in which
the Advertiser communicates its business and
communication objectives to the agency.


A simple piece of software designed for a
specific use and purpose for the end user.
Mainly for mobile digital devices (smart
phones and tablets).
Art Buyer
The person who finds the third party talents
who will design the final print and TV ads
(photographer, film director, illustrator…).
She also negociates all the production quotes
and royalties.
Art Director
The “eye” of the creative team.
In particular is in charge for the look & feel of
the campaign. (see also Copy Writer)


Below the line
The less visible part of a communication
program for the end consumer. Uses more
targeted channels such as trade publications,
direct mail, emailing or even in store
activities. See also Above the line.
The learning process that goes through the
study of the best practices from the past or
from the brand’s competitors.


The essence of what the brand promises to its
consumers that can change their lives in a
positive way. See also Brand Promise
Big Idea
An outstanding creative idea never seen
before, that connects with consumers and is
true to the brand.
Body copy
The small type text in a press ad that explains
in more detail the attributes and benefits of
the product or service advertised. See also
Bottom up
Any user generated communication piece that
will have an impact on the brand perception
(e.g. blogs, forums, word of mouth). See also
Top down.


Brand Awareness
The percentage of the population who know
the brand by name and can associate it with
the right product category.
Brand Book
The brand “Bible”. The document that sums
up the brand: its vision, pyramid, and its
visual and creative guidelines. The purpose is
to ensure that every future communication
piece respects the values and the formal
identity of the brand.
Brand Character
Describes the brand personality and the type
of relationship it has with its consumers as if it
were a person.


Brand Equity
The differential effect that brand knowledge
has on customer response to brand marketing
Brand Generated Content
Content that is 100% generated by the brand
Marketing department or by the agency, as
opposed to User Generated Content.
Brand Premium
The price difference consumers are prepared
to pay for a branded product vs a very similar
product unbranded or from another brand.
Brand Promise
The rational or emotional benefit the brand
stands for. Should always be consistent with
the brand vision.


Brand Vision
The brand’s ultimate ambition and why it is
irreplaceable. The vision explains and justifies
the brand’s present and future initiatives.
BTB Communication
Any communication piece that addresses a
business constituency of the brand, eg a
customer, a...
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