Thanksgiving Dinner

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8 Oct. 2014
Thanksgiving at My Mammaw’s

When I was younger, the main holiday I looked forward to was Thanksgiving. This time of the year was always the happiest because everything feels so exhilarating because I am spending quality family time with the ones I love. This holiday comes with the most memorable good and bad times. Thanksgiving with my family symbolizes good food, good times with the family and taking pictures so we can have memories for years to come. The bad part of Thanksgiving is because my great-grandmother is not alive and it makes me sad. But we have to go on and make memories for the ones that are still alive and well. When I think about Thanksgiving, the first thing that comes to mind is good food. Every year my mom, Mammaw and I start preparing several homemade dishes a day or two in advance so we can make sure that we have everything prepared. The food is very traditional with Thanksgiving turkey, ham, yams, deviled eggs, stuffing, potato salad and lemon ice box pie. That is our family tradition dessert. Delectable smells, good conversation, and the comfortable atmosphere make Thanksgiving one of my favorite meals of the year. I will always have fond memories of the dinner table laden with platters of food. From the time the cooking starts until the satisfaction of the first bites, Thanksgiving never fails to fulfill my expectations. With my whole family gathered comfortably nearby, I cannot help but feel happy. The relaxing hums of a house filled with people I love mingles with the crackling fire to create a soothing harmony. The delicious smell of fried turkey adds to the medley of heavenly aromas wafting through the house. My kitchen is spacious, with a large island and cabinets stuffed full of pots, pans, and utensils. When the cooking starts, however, it seems like a cramped, stuffy jail cell. The odor of pungent onions stings, bringing tears to my eyes much like my Mom’s during a sentimental movie. It is...
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