Scuba Diving and Favorite Holiday

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My Favorite Holiday is last holiday.

Everybody loves holidays because during our holidays we can relax and have fun. We get enough time to travel, play our favorite sports and practice our hobbies.My Favorite holiday is Last Holiday Below I will tell you about my last holiday.

I had always dreamed about going to Fethiye and near places. On 27th July I ,my wife and two sons departed Kadıköy towards our first destination, Fethiye . As soon as we reached there after a long journey, I was stunned by the beautiful scenic views that I only saw in pictures. I was totally lost in the scenic views that I forgot to blink my eyes. We stayed in the 5-star hotel in front of the beach. Nextday We hired a boat for a trip to see small islands. It was simply amazing.We swam all day and return our Hotel. Following day we hired a car and saw historical place, visited museum and doing shopping.The other day I and I made 5 people acquaintance hired a Jip a climbed Babadağ and flying paraglide. It was a beautiful and excited.The holiday was a perfect.

We did so many activities which included Swiming,Football, Scuba diving, Boat trip,Visiting museum,Paragliding etc. We also watched the sunrise of Babadağ summit, it was very romantic. It was the most amazing and spectacular experience of my life that I was stunned by God’s creation of a heaven-like place on earth. Our journey ended on 4th of August. On our way back we traveled by bus again. During the trip I thought, ‘Those days were amazing and unforgettable, I wished if I had more days to spend over there’. My holiday was exciting and full of joy. I enjoyed it immensely. I am looking forward to going there again soon.
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