Thailand Should Kept Death Penalty for Certain Crime

Topics: Death Penalty, Prison, Murder Pages: 2 (809 words) Published: April 24, 2011
Thailand should kept death penalty for certain crime

In Thailand, capital punishment is allowed in this country. It acceptable to keep death penalty in this nations and there is many reasons why this is so. The discussion in this essay is about “Capital punishment deters crime”, “Capital punishment keeps the convicted murderer from killing again”, “Capital punishment balances the scale of Justice” and “Society shouldn’t have to pay the economic costs of life sentences for murders”. This essay will show some idea on the objective and death penalty and how different in death penalty gives different damage to criminal also the point of view of the writer to shows why this country still needs to keep death penalty but some country may not. So, this essay will totally suggest some of the reasonable reason on why Thailand still needs to keep death Penalty as the Capital Punishment. Capital punishment is “more powerful deterrent against crime than prison”. The crime should receive enough punishment on what they normally do. Like in the past, that we called “eye for an eye, teeth for a teeth” or “law of retaliation” that really effect to the criminal. The criminal who killed the innocent person should be died to serve the innocent life because it is unacceptable for some life to get destroy without reasonable reason. Totally, it should be nothing in the world that can cure someone mind from their parents, friends or relative from their death. But, there is still no conclusive evidence that death penalty is more powerful than deterrent in prison and the criminal usually think that their life is useless to pay and survive before they kill innocent people. So, death penalty is one the good choice to punish the criminal but might not be the best. Capital punishment guarantees that the criminal will not kill anyone anymore. We are so sure that the criminal that get kill cannot run away and killed any people because the criminal is already death. If we poisoned the criminal...
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