America Should Continue to Use the Capital Punishment

Topics: Prison, Murder, Death Penalty Pages: 6 (1408 words) Published: September 2, 2014
America Should Continue to Use the Capital Punishment
Recent years, capital punishment has been a focused problem and heated discussion among countries in the world. In the legislation system, capital punishment is the highest and cruelest punishment to criminal offenders. Nowadays, more than 100 countries have abolished death penalty, but some of the other countries still keep and implement capital punishment, such as America, which it is rare that using death punishment in developed countries. Actually, American government restored capital punishment in 1976 and executed more than one thousand people until now. In the United States, only thirty six states have capital punishment, while the others do not have death penalty. Some people think America should not have capital punishment because capital punishment does not conform to civilization. However, America should continue to use the death penalty because capital punishment The advantages of using death penalty in America far outweigh the disadvantages. The first reason is that capital punishment can make law powerful so that people feel frighten to touch laws. As we know, America is a country of freedom and democracy, so people have more rights to do something what they want, especially having guns. Buying guns free will create an intangible threat to other people. The problem is that when they meet some problems, some young people are impulse and maybe they will use guns to shoot other people who they dissatisfied. According to FBI crime statistics, in 2010, there were 12,996 murders in the United States in which of 8,775 people were caused by firearms (“Gun”). From these statistics, we can see that shooting is very serious in America. Now, America does have capital punishment; think about if America does not have death penalty, how many people will be murdered? So, the United States should keep death penalty to punish these murders. The first all, these murders get deserved punishment which means they kill some people, and they should make up their faults to experience the feeling of victims. In addition, through shooting murders, other people will have a deep impression that laws are serious, and everyone is equal under laws. If people kill someone or do serious mistake, they will have the same result as those murders. Thus, people will pay attention to laws, and even though some people violate laws and do some bad things, they will decrease the degree of harm as possible as they can. For example, my neighbor, Bob operated a small business, but a case changed his life. Let us back to 2010. One day, after 10p.m. and he just drunk with his customers for business, his wife called him and said that their daughter got a serious sick and needed to see a doctor. Then, he hurry drove a car back home. On the way, because of dark, he did not see a young woman went across the road. So, the tragedy was happened, and the young woman lied in the blood. The man called emergency number and did sample things to save the woman’s life rather than escape from the place to take care his daughter. Unfortunately, the woman died in hospital because she ran off too much blood. After that, Bob felt regretful, so he wanted to make up his fault in the hope of completing a short jail. Then, Bob actively contacted with the young women’s family and gave compensation. Last, the court considered his good performances after car accident, and only let him stay five years in the prison. Bob is just an example to show how capital punishment works in people’s heads. Now, the number of people who actively surrender, talk about more process of crimes and help save people is increasing. The reason is that most of people know death penalty is serious and they do not want to die, so they want to do good performances to lighten punishment. Hence, capital punishment is necessary in America.

Aside from capital punishment has power to...
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