Topics: Foster care, Psychology, Sociology Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: September 6, 2013
My main goal in life is to make an impact on America’s children. I am currently in my senior year of studying Psychology at Philander Smith College. I then plan to go on to graduate school at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, College of Social Work. Now, some ask “Why study psychology for four years then get a masters degree in Social Work”. The answer is very simple to me, child psychologist and psychiatrist true enough help children, but it’s mainly behind the desk. I truly believe that today’s children need hands on interaction. With saying that, I want to become a licensed Social Worker in the state of Arkansas, and Texas later in life. My desire is to work strictly within the foster care system. I want to learn the art of Social Work, the “ins and outs” and the “dos and don’ts”. I then want to matriculate to then supervise the Social Workers. The reason I have chosen to work in that manner, is because I want to learn how other Social Workers think and act. I have heard many horrendous stories of how group home leaders work and mistreat the foster children. My desire is to then train the Social Workers under me to take a different approach to the children. I believe that ALL children should have the same opportunity at life, regardless if they live at home with both parents, only one parent, foster parent, or in a group home. Children should have equal opportunity. I want to train these Social Workers to have a tender side along with their disciplinary side. I do believe that when a child does wrong he or she should be punished accordingly, but not going so far as having food withheld from them. There has to be a method to raising these children just like there was a method in your upbringing.

My long term goal is to one day open up my own group home. I want this group home to be a home, like none other. I will find a staff that a genuine, they will go under a strict psychological testing in addition to a thorough background check. I do know...
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