What Experience Do You Have That You Believe Will Make You a Successful Post University Student

Topics: Psychology, Clinical psychology, Mental health professional Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: April 25, 2013

My name is Leona Woolfe, I was born and raised in Jamaica Queens New York. My siblings and I were in the foster care system, at that time abuse was happening to children unfortunately a lot of issues were swept under the rug, we would just be moved again to another home until the age of 17 for me when we were let out of the system but the mental damage had already affected my family and it was left up to me to find my purpose. In remembrance of my siblings I have committed myself to make a difference. I lost two sisters and two brothers due to poor choices they made in life, My goal was not to self destruct but to encourage others that there is always hope at the end of the rainbow. Situations had made me feel alone at times, but I would simply chose to bounce back, to become a more confident person.

My passion for pursuing a career as a Clinical Psychologist specializing in behavioral development was not determined in a matter of weeks or even months. Rather, it developed and solidified over the last year of being unemployed. I questioned my own diagnosis, I discovered a passion for the inner workings of the human mind, as well as a strong desire to help people. In addition to my counseling experiences, my empathy for and understanding of others strengthens my ability to persevere in the psychology field. My commitment in counseling encouraged me at the age of 58 to enhance my educational skills, not just being a leader having good motivational interviewing skills is an important force in reaching others.Learning to overcome obstacles early in life has been a valuable experience for me. With my life experience and counseling knowledge, Given the opportunity to study hard with Post University, With my determination I will be a successful Clinical Psychologist.

For these reasons I am applying to Post University with the intent to obtain a Bachelor of Arts...
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