Psychology I-Search Paper

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“Before The Search”

“So now let us talk about the upcoming I-Search paper”. When Ms. Pavlecic released these words from her mouth, every face in the room flushed to white. I mean typically, any student would feel a sense of dread come on when they hear about an upcoming term paper that determines whether or not you pass your English class. But instead, I was very excited to hear about this news. Writing and researching for papers can be pretty dumb and boring in the eyes of a student, but it’s a whole different situation when they get to revolve around you. There might not be an “I” in term paper, but there is an “I” in I-Search.

The idea of being a psychologist has always infatuated me. Psychological and mental health problems have always intrigued me and drawn me in to want to know more. I have been around many people, including my own family members, who have had mental problems or disorders and I have always been urged to help them and see what makes their brain think the way it does. Being around people so close to me who had a strange mental stigma opened my eyes to see and feel how agonizing it is to watch somebody go through with that sort of pain. I have always just wanted help everybody in any way that I can.

I have been interested in psychology for quite some time now. I would constantly go on the computer and look various things up about the profession. This where I decided which kind of psychology I would take an interest in. Clinical psychology is what stood out to me the most. Clinical psychology focuses completely on the assessment, treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of mental illness just like your typical counseling psychologist but they do this in a hospital environment. I learned on an average that a professional psychologist generally makes around $72,540. The educational requirements in most states is that a clinical psychologist must have a doctorate degree in psychology, complete a one to two year supervised residency, and pass state licensing exams in order to practice.

I am hoping to find a psychologist to meet with that works in a mental hospital setting, who has dealt with the worst case scenarios with the profession, and see why they’ve still stuck with their job. I want them to tell me about the long trouble they went through with school to get where they are now. I want to learn about how they deal with devoting their life to help cure a person that is mentally ill and the effects that it has on them as well. I want them to tell me how they feel after they talk to a depressed teenager that self-harms, a child dealing with schizophrenia, etc. I want them to tell me about the whole nine yards about their career and the toll it takes on them but how they still wanted to go through with it after all the trouble it puts them through. I want to learn about being a clinical mental health psychologist.

“The Paper Trail”

A psychologist is someone who studies the mind and behavior. While people often think of talk therapy when they hear the word psychologist, this profession actually encompasses a wide range of specialty areas including such things as animal research and organizational behavior. (“Psychology”) While there are many different types of psychologists, they typically fall into one of three different areas: Applied Psychologists, Research Psychologists, and Mental Health Psychologists. Applied Psychologists utilize psychological principles and research to solve real-world problems. Examples include aviation psychologists, engineering psychologists, industrial-organizational psychologists and human factors psychologists. Research psychologists conduct studies and experiments with human or animal participants. Research psychologists often work for universities, private businesses or government entities. Their research may focus on a wide range of specialty areas within psychology, including cognition, neuroscience, personality, development and social...
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