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Road Rage:

Behaviorism would explain road rage by looking at the person’s environment to see why he or she would become enraged and show aggressive behavior towards other drivers. Using behaviorism, you would examine what is happening at that time, who is involved, the driver, the passengers, and other drivers. Some factors that could exhibit the driver’s frustrations are traffic jams, loud noises, a disgruntled mood before driving, and annoying passengers. To prevent road rage from happening, the driver should be in a good mood, the passengers should understand they should be well behaved, and should leave earlier so that they have a smaller risk of getting caught in traffic. Psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis can be used to determine the cause of road rage by looking at a person’s dreams and childhood. By examining the dreams, you may be able to find out if the person had an upsetting dream and could possibly put the driver in a bad mood, which could cause him to experience road rage. You could ask the person about the kind of childhood he or she had. If the person had a violent parent or a parent who experienced violent outbursts, the driver may have thought that that was an acceptable way to act. Using free association, you could give the person a word that is traffic related and ask them what comes to mind by learning about their dreams and their childhood, you may be able to gain some insight and see what caused the road rage. Humanism

Within the context of humanism, you would need to get the person to examine the reality of the road rage episode and how they behaved and the ideal way they should have acted in the driving situation. You would have the person break down the problem and they could tell you that they were on their way to the market when someone suddenly veered into their lane, which upset the person and they became aggressive towards the other driver. Once they have determined what the problem is, acting aggressively while...
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