Topics: Psychology, Anger, Rage Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: May 6, 2015
 Psychology 1.03
Behaviorism, Psychoanalytic, Humanism and Neurobiological.
1. Road rage or the extreme anger and behavior towards other drivers. 2. Helping a fellow student who had dropped all of their books down the stairs. 3. A new student not wanting to join in any activities at their new high school.

1. Behaviorism would explain this situation because the hostile or irritable environment such as traffic could cause the visible frustration in drivers. Psychoanalytic could cause road rage because the anger shown by drivers could be from a traumatic event from their past unconsciously causing the extreme hostility. Humanism can cause road rage because the driver’s real self being far from their ideal self, causes irritable behavior. Neurobiological can also cause road rage, there could be genes in someone that just demonstrates a history of extreme anger. 2. Someone could help a student who dropped their books due to behaviorism, the thought of doing something for a reward could motivate someone into doing something morally right. Psychoanalytic could cause this action if someone experienced something similar in the past therefore feeling the need to assist someone in a similar situation. Due to Humanism, a fellow student could help another just for the reason of seeking to become closer to their ideal self. Neurobiological could be responsible for extreme anger and behavior towards other drivers, the genes someone carries in their DNA could contain a history of anger in the bloodline. 3. Due to Behaviorism, someone’s old environment may have not included social activities and therefore they aren’t accustomed to socializing. Psychoanalytic can also cause this behavior, a past traumatic event can unconsciously cause the student to be timid in social activities. Humanism can cause the student to shy away from possible social rejection, this is because failure from being the ideal self can make a person exhibit bad behavior. Due to Neurobiological, the...
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