Tesla: The Leader of the Electronic Automobile Industry

Topics: Automobile, Renault, General Motors Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: October 10, 2013
To:, Instructor
Date: October 9, 2013
Subject: [Marketing Brief: Tesla’s new model E in 2015]
Attachment: [Tesla readies mass-market Model E while other EV makers tread water]

In the future, gas will be out, we would no longer driving a gas car. However, when this happen? May be 20 years, or 30 years later? We still don’t know that yet, but one thing we do know about is many car companies are trying to find different energy to replace gasoline. In currently, Electronic car is best much type that fit our need at this moment. There is a very successful Electronic car company called Tesla, who is also leader of this Electronic motor vehicle industry. Since electronic car is not commonly in used on the road or many families cannot afford to have one, and in this article Tesla has announce a cheaper model of full Electronic car coming out in 2015i.

The New model of Electronic car that Tesla mention to release can be good news for people because the price of the gas is getting too expensive, and it can polluting the air. So, Tesla has giving Electronic car fans a new hope. However, there is a concern of this news since Electronic vehicle is not commonly in use in the motor vehicle market, it can be grow slow. What I mean is the company is lack of Competitors. In the Electronic motor vehicle industry, Tesla is on the highest point on the Electronic vehicle, and while many others companies still making the last profit on the gas or hybrid vehicle. The growing of Electronic car will go slower then when there are Competitors.

Electronic motor vehicle is not universal at the moment, cannot travel far by full electronic vehicle. Even thought the new model of Tesla Electronic car been released, and it still not be commonly use because not every place have a car changer for the Electronic vehicle since the market still growing too slow for it, and it is not a poplar used vehicle for people. A full charged of a Tesla model E can only go...
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