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  • Renault

    quai Georges Gorse – 92109 Boulogne Billancourt Cedex Tel.: + 33 (0)1 76 84 64 69 Sites : www.renault.com & www.media.renault.com  Renault - Direction de la communication / Corporate Communications November 4‚ 2010 THE SUPPLY CHAIN‚ A VITAL COMPONENT IN RENAULT PERFORMANCE The purpose of the supply chain is to deliver vehicles to each customer‚ respecting Renault quality standards‚ on time and at the best price. It sequences the movement of parts from suppliers to plants and the movement of

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  • Nissan Renault

    Renault Nissan Partnership In 1999‚ Renault bought a controlling interest in Nissan at 44% of the shares. This merger raised several questions about the two companies from different countries and their methods of manufacturing and business practices in how they could co-exist and profit from one another. Now‚ the merger has proven to be the "most successful partnership in the global automobile industry" (Nissan News‚ 2005). During research for this paper‚ not much if any negative information

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  • Introduction to Renault

    Introduction to Renault Renault is an international automaker founded in 1898 and is a France based company. The company acts as a parent company for its subsidiaries that are located through out the world. The two main areas of Renaults business activities are the automobile division and the sales financing division. The automobile division handles the manufacturing and the marketing and the sales activities are controlled by the sales financing division. The manufacturing division comprises

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  • Volvo Renault Alliance

    Case analysis of Volvo – Renault alliance INTRODUCTION The article described the life cycle of the alliance between car manufacturers Volvo and Renault. That was one of the largest and most prominent alliances in Europe at that time. The marriage of the two corporations was promising as it held economic promises that were applauded by the industry experts. Three years after the alliance had been founded‚ the allies split apart under not very friendly circumstances. Although the motive was good

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  • Business Plan of Renault

    Businesstrategy March 16‚ 2010 Special Collector’s Edition $ 8.88 © www.businesstrategy.com Carlos Ghosn President Renault Sa Succes storY Anne-Laure Frégonèse Nicolas Leconte Damien Auriault Clément Montauze Lévana Tordjman Benoît Freulon Rédouane Kaouri Adrien Gruppo Marion Blazère Pierre Kerneis Project works realized for the Business course of Graig A. MacDonald Sommaire I. II. Introduction ........................................................................

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  • Nissan / Renault Negotiation

    Nissan / Renault Negotiation If you are Renault‚ what would you present as the “Big Picture” (outlook and conditions proposal) for an alliance to the Nissan Board of Directors? Present it and negotiate it with Nissan. Your presentation shall include the points of: 1. Strategic objectives and scope of alliance 2. Analysis and proposal of potential operational synergies (brands‚ product range‚ geographic coverage‚ technology and expertise‚ production capacity‚ R&D‚ engineering‚ QC‚ manufacturing

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  • Transformation at Renault Nissan

    Transformation at Renault Nissan Nissan Motor Company was on the edge of bankruptcy when French automaker Renault purchased a controlling interest and put Carlos Ghosn as the effective head of the Japanese automaker. Nissan’s known problems of high debt and plummeting market share‚ Ghosn identified that Nissan managers had no apparent sense of urgency for change. Ghosn’s challenge was to act quickly‚ minimize the inevitable resistance that arises when an outsider tries to change traditional Japanese

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  • Supply Chain of Renault

    Supply chain of Renault When we look at the supply chain of Renault it does not differ much from other car manufacturers. The making of a car starts with the design of the chassis‚ which is done by the designing department of Renault. When the design is approved‚ a concept car must be produced to check the feasibility of the car. When the concept car has proven feasible the real process in the supply chain begins. Renaults owns plants where the certain car is produced. In order to manufacture

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  • Renault & Nissan Alliance

    Renault-Nissan Alliance By Po-Chien Chung Department of International Management International Business Dr. Roger Strange 18th March‚ 2010 2930 Words 1 Introduction “The Renault-Nissan alliance‚ currently heralded as one of the most successful in the business‚ represents the combination of two very different organizations‚ structurally and culturally” (Rugman & Collinson‚ 2004). Renault-Nissan alliance is based on trust and reciprocal respect. Its organization is

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  • Alliance Nissan and Renault

    The Alliance Signed on March 27‚ 1999‚ the Renault-Nissan Alliance has built a unique business model that has created significant value for both companies. For 10 years‚ employees at Renault and Nissan have worked as partners with attitudes of mutual respect and company pride while keeping separate brands and corporate identities. In 2009‚ Renault and Nissan took cooperation to a higher level. To maximize the experience gained from 10 years of cross-cultural management and shared experience

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