Topics: United Arab Emirates, Terrorism, Middle East Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Terrorism is a major issue that affects all people all around the world. Terrorism has been a part of life for many countries like England, the United States, Syria, and Israel. In all of those countries and many more, thousands upon thousands of people have died. Bombings at the world trade center, the numerous attacks happening currently in the Middle East, and the letter bombs in the United Kingdom have shown us that terrorism and terrorist aren’t petty little things we can just brush off. Terrorism is a large problem because it kills thousands. Terrorism breaks peace in society and can injure or even kill some innocent people. Fear grows and soon people begin to feel unprotected. It also can destroy our community and the things we feel are important. It destroys places like the world trade center and the incredibly beautiful Middle East. The damage also can be very costly. That is bad for the citizens of a country like America because all of the money being spent is their own. Terrorist attacks can kill thousands and cripple an economy as well. The United States has spends 5 billion dollars a year alone combating terrorists. Terrorism affects so many people. Hundreds of thousands of people died in the hands of terrorism. The death toll because of terrorism is increasing as we speak, mainly in the Middle East. It affects the people killed, the families of the people killed, the government of the particular place subject to the horrible crime, the area being attacked, and the citizens of the place. It also affect the country were the attacks are coming from. Because of the 9/11, so many Islamic and Middle Eastern people have been treated unfairly. They have been discriminated against greatly. The terrorist attacks have also shaped the American government and security system. Also the terrorist’s attacks happening in America have made us think about our security and have also made us improve it. Terrorist attacks are often deliberate. They are...
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