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The purpose of this research paper is, to discover if temperature affects the performance of a tennis ball.
When it comes to the game of tennis it is very serious. So before going out onto the court everything has to be perfect. So many people have wondered if it is good to heat or cool a tennis ball. Well that decision is up to the player. Some of the effects of heating the tennis ball is the increase of air flow. The reason this happens is because when the temperature rises so does the pressurized air inside of the tennis ball. Which just boils down to a lighter ball. So if the stroke of the player is on the weaker side than this is the right technique for you. Now, for the affects on cooling the tennis ball is the exact opposite. When the player cools the ball the pressurized air inside of the ball will becomes heavy. So, if the player has a heavier stroke this is the right stroke for that person

These techniques are not always good so here are some of the cons of heating a tennis ball. The first thing that is bad about heating a tennis ball is the danger of burns. The next bad thing about this technique is melted rubber which is very difficult to clean and can also burn a person . Now, when you cool your tennis ball you should be careful because you can freeze the rubber of the tennis ball. Which will make it pretty impossible to bounce the tennis ball.

When warm air combines with a pressurized tennis ball the result is a lighter tennis ball and even some deflation. When cold air and a pressurized tennis ball combine the tennis ball might expand from its original proportions. If someone would like to avoid this all of this together they could go with the earliest type of tennis ball that was made from a cork rapped in the hair. The down fall to that would be the uneven bounce because of all the flat surfaces on the cork.

So those are the affects of warm and cold air on a pressurized tennis ball.
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