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It is 2010 and you have a very important meeting with your business associates in Chennai. However you have visitors from Japan coming for a mega business deal the same day. Is there any technology by which you can deal with both of them? The answer is yes and the name of that technology is Tele-Immersion. Tele-Immersion is a technology by which you’ll interact instantly with your friend on the other side of the globe through a simulated holographic environment. This technology, which will come along with Internet2, will change the way we work, study and get medical help. It will change the way we live. Tele-Immersion (TI) is defined as the integration of audio and video conferencing, via image-based modeling, with collaborative virtual reality (CVR) in the context of data-mining & significant computation. The 3D effect behind the tele-immersion makes it feel like the real thing. The ultimate goal of TI is not merely to reproduce a real face-to-face meeting in every detail, but to provide the “next generation” interface for collaborators, world-wide, to work together in a virtual environment that is seamlessly enhanced by computation and large databases. When participants are tele-immersed, they are able to see and interact with each other and objects in a shared virtual environment.

Tele-immersion can be of immense use in medical industry and it also finds its application in the field of education CAVE

The History

The term Tele-immersion was first used in October 1996 as the title of a workshop organized by EVL and sponsored by Advanced Network & Services, Inc. to bring together researchers in distributed computing, collaboration, VR, and networking. At this workshop, specific attention was paid to the future needs of applications in the sciences, engineering, and education. In 1998 Abilene, a backbone research project was launched and now serves as the base for Internet-2 research. Tele-immersion is the application that will drive forward the research of Internet-2.

There are several groups working together on National Tele-Immersion Initiative(NTII) to make this wonderful technology available to common man.

science of tele-immersion
Tele-Immersion has an environment called TIDE. TIDE stands for Tele-Immersive Data exploration Environment. The goal of TIDE is to employ Tele-Immersion techniques to create a persistent environment in which collaborators around the world can engage in long-term exploration and analysis of massive scientific data-sets. When participants are tele-immersed, they are able to see and interact with each other and objects in a shared virtual environment.

TIDE will engage users in CAVEs, ImmersaDesks and desktop workstations around the world connected by the Science and Technology Transit Access Point (STARTAP) - a system of high speed national and international networks. TIDE has three main parts:




Tele-Immersion server
The Tele-Immersion Server’s primary responsibility is to create a persistent entry point for the TICs. That is, when a client is connected to the TIS, a user can work synchronously or asynchronously with other users. The server also maintains the consistent state that is shared across all participating TICs. Finally the TIS stores the data subsets that are extracted from the external data sources. The data subsets may consist of raw and derived data sets, three dimensional models or images. TELE-IMMERSION CLIENT

The Tele-Immersion Client (TIC) consists of the VR display device (either CAVE, ImmersaDesk, etc) and the software tools The TIC also provides the basic capabilities for streaming audio and video, and for rendering avatars to allow participants to communicate effectively with one another while they are immersed in the environment....
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