Doing Teleclass Is the Most Practical Way of Teaching and Learning Process

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Name: Theresia Theodora Bengan Ola
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Doing Teleclass is The Most Practical Way of Teaching and Learning Process
In this modern era we know some terms which are quiet popular in education circle. They are traditional classroom and non-traditional classroom. Traditional classroom here is when teacher is directly teaching his or her students by facing face while non-traditional classroom is the opposite. In the non-traditional classroom, teachers can indirectly face their students in teaching or giving materials. The process of teaching and learning can be done from a far away distance. They can use computers service by connecting it to internet to give the materials. Even they also can use telephone in teaching through teleconferencing bridge system. This kind of class is called teleclass. In this article we are going to discuss about the teleclass. One way in gathering student and teacher from many places with minimal expense is by doing the teleclass. Therefore we can see that teleclass is the most practical way in learning and teaching process. There are three main reasons why it is claimed as the most practical way. They are from comfort and convenience side of teleclass, the lifelong learning and teaching which can be got from teleclass and results orientation of teleclass.

Comfort and convenience is one of the tree main reasons why teleclass is the most practical way of learning and teaching process. In traditional school, when teacher is doing a mistake in providing materials, students can directly interrupt him or her and even say rude words and sneer to the teacher which can emerge the uncomfortable situation in classroom. However, it is different in teleclass. The teacher can feel free and relaxed in teaching without any hurt feeling. For the students, the teleclass can bring comfortable condition too. In every teleclass, student sit in front row then they can tell their personal experience or problem calmly and freely...
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