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A presentation on Telepresence.
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TelePresence Planning, Design, and Implementation Service

The TelePresence Planning, Design, and Implementation Service helps organizations accelerate the business benefits of the Telepresence Solution and get the most from their technology investment.

Service Overview
In today’s competitive business environment, enterprises that can effectively communicate, collaborate, and respond rapidly to change are most likely to succeed. However, while enterprises have access to more sophisticated communications tools than ever before to keep employees connected, there is still no substitute for face-to-face meetings, which present a major drain on travel budgets and employee quality of life.

Telepresence offers a new category of real-time communications and collaboration that combines technology, environment, and services to create “in-person” meeting experiences over the IP network. Enterprises using Telepresence can speed decision making, improve business continuity in the event of disasters or disruptions, and gain a distinct competitive edge. However, to reap the advantages of this solution, organizations need to make sure that the Telepresence solution is deployed in an optimal manner.

The Telepresence Planning, Design, and Implementation Service deliver a comprehensive service offering to help enterprises prepare, plan, and design their networks for the successful implementation of the Telepresence solution. The service is available from Cisco in conjunction with a select group of Cisco Advanced Technology Provider (ATP) partners with deep experience in networking and Cisco Unified Communications and special training in virtual presence technology. These partners draw on proven deployment methodologies to accelerate the business benefits of Telepresence technology. With virtual presence experts focusing on planning and deploying the solution, enterprises can focus on business transformation

TelePresence Planning, Design, and Implementation Service
TelePresence technology has a profound effect on an organization’s ability to communicate, cooperate, and respond to unforeseen business issues. However, to provide the consistent, high-quality experience enterprise users expect, the organization’s network, physical meeting sites, and the Telepresence solution itself must be optimally designed and implemented. Without careful consideration of an enterprise’s specific business and technical requirements, IT and end-user experience, and effect of the solution on the overall network, organizations might not realize the full potential of Telepresence. The TelePresence Planning, Design, and Implementation Service provides comprehensive support throughout the planning and deployment of a Telepresence solution, helping organizations quickly realize the benefits of this new real-time, immersible technology. The service helps enterprises achieve their business objectives by assessing the existing network and physical environments, developing an implementation-ready design based on the organization’s requirements, and working with internal IT staff throughout the implementation and testing of the solution, as well as through end-user training. The service is delivered by expert Cisco or Cisco ATP partner engineers with deep backgrounds in Cisco Unified Communications and a detailed understanding of all components of the TelePresence solution, including hardware, software, and application configuration. Cisco and its ATP partners draw on the proven Cisco Lifecycle Services methodology, as well as industry-leading Cisco intellectual property and networking expertise to align Telepresence service and support activities with the enterprise’s business and...
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