Handshake VR Inc.

Topics: Traumatic brain injury, Supply and demand, Company Pages: 4 (1285 words) Published: November 3, 2014
Executive Summary
The case study that will be analyzed in this report is based on a company called Handshake VR Inc., who specializes in telehaptic technology. Handshake VR was founded in order to develop and commercialize a new technology that enabled users to simulate the sense of human touch through computers. This technology, developed by an electrical engineering professor named Dr. David Wang at the University of Waterloo, required significant investment of time and effort in the product development stage. Dr. Kevin Tuer and Tim Ellis were brought in as the vice-president of technology and vice-president of corporate development, respectively, to aid Dr. Wang, who assumed the role of president. Before the company can make any decisions, there are many aspects that need to be examined and analyzed. Once all possible alternatives have been established, one can be weighed against the other to determine the best alternative for the company. Problem Statement

Handshake VR is a telehaptic research firm based out of Waterloo, Ontario. In June 2005 the company faced the challenge of determining what to do with its recently developed but highly promising technology. Given that funding will be required to undertake some of these opportunities, the company is required to be ready to present to potential investors in about two months.

Data Analysis
Based on a SWOT Analysis (See Appendix A) it can be concluded that Handshake VR has improved the developed the technology of telehaptics. Handshake VR has a large labour pool of students, the industry had lots of experts, and their decision to release MATLAB software had been successful. When looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the company (See Appendix A), the restraints are evident. Funding is a restriction, and if funding is secured for investment then the company must be prepared to wait up to 4 years before a potential return is seen. The company also suffers from a lack of overall strategy due to its...
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