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Teen Suicide

By kianabooflo Mar 01, 2014 1498 Words
Suicide: Not the Only Choice
Think about how every little interaction in people’s lives affect what they do with their lives. Imagine growing up in an environment where you were constantly teased, had absence of parenting, or felt isolated growing up. These little things that go unnoticed many times could be someone’s sign for help. Bullying, cyber-bullying, and poor home life situations are the three main paths that lead a teen down the road of suicide. Many schools try to avoid the subject of teen suicide because of its seriousness or touchiness with families and the cost of extra programs. However, one way to help prevent the steep increase in this issue is to have more awareness in schools and more people to help others in their cries for help. Offering support to teens that have serious problems need to be more recognized worldwide, as well as approaching the issue of bullying with more severity and seriousness in schools to help prevent teens from taking their lives. Too many kids think that they have to wear the latest fashions or listen to the newest music to fit in. If someone does not meet the “social norm” many people feel isolated from the rest of their peers. Although many people like to think that people will like others for who they are, teens usually believe they need to be up to speed on the latest trends and be a part of the popular cliques. When they realize they are not a part of the “popular” group is when they feel as if they do not fit in and begin to feel lonely. According to an online source, “When a child doesn’t have the confidence of who they are or where they belong, it can lead to the place that is easiest to fit in – usually not the best crowd” ( This kind of situation can most likely lead to a path of isolation or possibly depression, making kids believe they are not important. More attentive staff in schools could greatly reduce the number of kids who feel as if they are not important or do not fit in socially. Even using propaganda techniques to get kids interested in more clubs or sports would benefit kids by having them be a part of something and meet new people. Going back to what was previously said, usually teens accommodate to where it is easiest to fit in and many times, it is not a healthy group of people to be around. Many times teens can be pressured into doing things that are not healthy for them. A speaker of states, “…Overwhelming majority of those who commit suicide have a mental or substance related disorder…difficulty coping with crippling stressors.” (NAMI). Not only may these kids be pressured into using substances, but they can be diagnosed with mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, etc. If more teachers are able to connect with their students more in school, it is possible that more teens can have someone to confide in for help. No one wants to feel insecure and left out in what many students may call their “second home”, they “…want to fit in and be like everyone else because it gives them a sense of safety and security…when your child tells you they aren't fitting in, they’re also saying, ‘I don’t feel safe’” (James Lehman-SelfHelpMagazine).  The pressures of fitting in in high school are no doubt a huge cause for these types of disorders. With providing more availability of counselors or school clubs, more kids can express themselves and get help and advice from others to prevent them from taking any devastating actions. Stand for the Silent is an organization in the US that has a clear and simple mission. “End Bullying. Save lives.” Bullying and Cyber-bullying is the most commonly known cause of teens attempting or committing suicide. Although many parents of their kids believe that bullying is just “harmless” and “part of being a kid,” they do not realize what serious consequences may come from this “harmless” bullying. The seriousness of bullying happening in schools worldwide and the more recent massive issue with cyber-bullying is a tragedy. Especially considering how many teens have taken their own lives because of them being victims of this “Suicide is the 3rd leading cause for deaths among young people according to the CDC. 14% of high school student’s consider or attempt suicide due to bullying and verbal or physical abuse” (KidsHealth). The fact that out of all of the illnesses and peer pressure teens are facing, that suicide is the 3rd leading cause of teens deaths is a tragedy. With more attention being brought to this issue, it could ultimately save lives. In a very recent suicide case, the aunt of the victim tells a reporter, “…Reported the bullying to the school multiple times and administration told them they would look into it, but no action was ever taken” (Lindsay Curtis of MSNBC). With this being reported, it is proof to thousands of people that schools need to be more aware and involved with bullying awareness. If more consequences are given to those bullying and being brought up it may decrease the amount that it happens in schools leaving teenagers from suffering from depression or low self-esteem and attempting suicide. From this same article it explains the one thing that no teens ever consider when they bully, “…Didn’t understand when enough is enough and I guess these kids don’t understand how much pain he went through and how much of a toll it took on him” (Lindsay Curtis of MSNBC). Majority of the time, if someone is the bully and the other is the victim, the bully has no idea how the victim will deal with it or how they will act upon it. Teens need to be more aware and respectful of how delicate the human mind can be so as to keep them from saying something that could take one’s life away from them. Home life for teens play a huge factor in who they become and how they view things. Though many people today like to believe they are the way they are because they were born that way, the surroundings of someone and the environment they grew up in can change how they feel about life in general. If teens have harder home lives or parents who are not “present” as they grow up, it can take a toll on a person. Many people agree that “…Much of your child’s future happiness depends on how well you raise your kids today” (Parenting411). That statement is spot on about how much of an influence parents have on their kids when they are a teenager. It needs to be recognized more often if home lives of students are what is causing more of these suicides for young adults. An article from TeenInk shares that, “…American Academy of Pediatrics stated that symptoms of depression and anxiety brought on by stress and perfectionism have increased…stress can take a physical toll on young adults…emotional instability and substance abuse” (TeenInk). The pressure put on students by their elders can make their world seem like it is caving in and the only way they think they can escape this is by taking their life. Students need to have more time to discuss and work on problems they are having so that these types of situations can be avoided. Recent problems today with rough home lives for teens include, “…Abuse of your child, ignoring your child and engaging in conflict and argument…Some parents do not care and some are simply swamped by other problems and fail their kids as a result” (Parenting411). If teens grow up with parents who are guilty of the previous acts, it can easily change a teen’s view on their importance of being in this world. With more investigation into home lives of students who seem to be struggling or showing signs that may worry a teacher at school, these types of problems at home could be solved and could give someone another chance of living a happier life. Far too many young teens have taken their lives because of the “real world” pressures and how they are treated as they develop and grow up. Experiencing a close friend or family member’s death is one of the most difficult events to overcome. With the effort of students, parents, and staff at schools all around, spreading the word against bullying and suicide will most likely save many lives of teens going through a hard time. It can be continued to be helped in fighting the school boards around the world for more of a consequence for those who are doing the bullying, as well as pushing for more awareness of bullying in school to help lessen the 36,000 people that die each year due to suicide.

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