Teen Suicide

Topics: Suicide, Educational psychology, Adolescence Pages: 3 (957 words) Published: September 24, 2013
Everyone, especially teens, have many daily troubles, but what if everyone could follow a few simple steps to prevent all those problems? People have many ideas on how to help stop and prevent teen suicide, which currently is the third leading cause of death for fifteen to twenty four year olds. Suicidal thoughts are usually triggered by simple things, like changes, stress, and fear. They could also be triggered by larger more complex problems, like depression, substance abuse, and destructive behaviors. For the loved ones of those who have committed suicide the after effects include feelings of anger at the person for being so selfish, guilt from feeling that if something was done differently maybe they would still be here, and confusion about why they might have done this.  Although some things in life cannot be completely eliminated, like suicide for example, there are many ways to help reduce teen deaths by suicide. Suicide is a frequent problem among today’s teens, but by educating teens on coping skills, educating people about the warning signs of suicide, and provide helpful counseling, this problem can be greatly reduced.

“It is important to learn the warning signs of teenage suicide in order to prevent an attempt (AFSP 03).” Education seems to be a simple way to inform people about signs, especially teens, but it really is an effective tactic. It’s a proven fact that education is the leading solution to help prevent suicide. Recognition and seeing early signs of any mental or substance abuse is the most effective way to reduce suicide. (Nock 04). If taught the warning signs of suicide, one might find it a lot easier to recognize and react to any situation of this sort, like maybe helping out someone dealing with suicidal thoughts. One should always be looking for any signs that might indicate suicidal thoughts and feelings. Some easy to see warning signs consist of: expresses thoughts of death, dying and a desire to leave this life, changes in normal...

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