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Topics: College, Anxiety, Stress Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: October 15, 2014
Many people in high school, mostly teens, experience dozens of pressure in their life. To be specific, Schoolwork. Most teens want to excel in school, but want to have a social life or play some kind of sport. One thing that teens don’t understand is that once you’re out of high school, you have college, and then maybe graduate school. Our education will not be over just in High School. You have to work hard and these four years of your life, will impact everything that you do. If you mess up even once, it may ruin everything. This article is named, “Teens Biggest Stress? School.” It has been featured on MSNBC.com. It is written by, “The Associated Press”. It explains how 13-17 years old have the most stress in their high school life. Although Adults from the zage of 18-24 also experience it but most of their stress comes from financial worries or finishing Graduate School. Teens don’t think too much so we try to rush everything. Even though everyone experiences stress sometime in their life, recent studies have been proved that High School Teenagers experience the most stress. n today’s society, with the economy in such disarray and other numerous obstacles that we face, the amount of pressure becomes too great, that stress eventually exceeds our ability to cope and reason with it in a clear and positive way. Too often people see themselves as being stressed, at the end of their rope, or just simply not in control of what is occurring in their life. At this point, it is imperative to seek out positive and productive contrivance to manage stress and, more importantly, to confront the person or situation that is causing the stress. By seeking the positivity of a situation a person can gain comfort from the situation. There are two types of stress, there’s physical stress and emotional stress. Physical stress is a type that you can handle with your body. Psychological stress is the type of stress that is happening in a person’s conscious mind. Most people with...
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