Liberty For the High School Student

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Brooke Logan
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12 December 2013
Liberty for the High School Student
Competition is becoming a key part of high school academics. It seems as if everyday it becomes harder to be accepted into the college of your dreams. This is causing high stress levels for teenagers. what with worrying about looking good, keeping friends, doing well in school, and the growing pressure to plan your life by the time you're 16, it's amazing that we all haven't gone crazy. Due to high stress caused by homework, and lack of sleep, high school students should receive lighter loads from schools. The students of today are stressed, not from the assumed bullying or peer pressure, but from homework and tests. "most of the stress is from academics as opposed to the typical assumption of bullying or social issues." States an article from Mind Shift. Parents assume that things like that are the cause of the stress, but the real problem is homework. Then there is the case of Nora. A normal high school student, pressured with doing perfectly in school. When she received her grade card and saw that she did not have a perfect 4.0, she lost it. Her mother found her in tears, and realized that it was time to Logan 2

intervene. Nora had been increasingly irritable and tired, and she also suffered from headaches. She is not the only one. Students everywhere, including myself and friends of mine, are tired, frustrated and sick. While stress can be healthy for our body, too much can severely harm us. According to an article on the website WebMd, reviewed by Doctor Joseph Goldberg, large amounts of stress cause headaches, higher blood pressure, heart and skin issues and conditions, and depression- the list goes on. These symptoms are not just found in adults, they are also found in teenagers. High stress levels early on in life will only lead to physical and mental problems in the future. The mental state of teenagers justifies that our load is too heavy. It is...
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