Alexandra Sifferlin's The Most Stressed Out Generation?

Topics: Psychology, Anxiety, Mental disorder, Stress, Major depressive disorder, Schizophrenia / Pages: 3 (619 words) / Published: Oct 4th, 2016
Stress is an unavoidable cause of living in the real world. It can cause several health complications or can help you get out of a dangerous situation in a pinch, but how much stress is too much? In “The Most Stressed Out Generation? Young Adults”, Alexandra Sifferlin sees stress as a problem that troubles young adults everywhere. Sifferlin ties in the research and evidence to back up her point. Her clear and enlightening tone allowed me to grasp each and every word in the article. Furthermore, reading each paragraph lets the reader find out something new about how Americans rate and handles their stress.
As one person you know your own stress levels, yet what in relation to your peer group as a unit? You learn that they are possibly not the only one who feels that they progressing through a stressful period of their life. In a nutshell, the reader gains an alternative perspective on stress. Accordingly, it is something that is swept under the rug and chalked up to be the signs of adulthood. It is said to be something that will become easier to handle with age and wisdom, yet it is clearly shown that that is not the case. It is
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This decline is slight, and probably hardly feels as if there is any difference in their lives. It is still too high to be considered manageable. A large majority of adults stated that they find a 3.6 a tolerable amount. Sifferlin believes that the health care system isn’t stepping up to the plate to offer more assistance. Health care providers are said to have given little to no support in the matter. Consequently, 32% of the participants said it was the right choice to talk about their stress to their providers, while 17% genuinely brought it up to their health care providers. Sifferlin voices that without some help to the extensive amount stress our young adults are facing, the situation will only grow

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