Life as a Teenager Is Difficult

Topics: Peer group, Adolescence, American films Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: July 9, 2009
Life as a teenager is difficult

A teenager’s life is not as simple as many think. The changes each teenager goes through are big. Many people believe the change is only physical, which is completely untrue. The greatest change teenager faces are those within their brain, in other word, psychological. Teenagers are constantly pressured by their surroundings, which explain the reason for them being stressed.

In our society, especially, the teens have a positive and negative influence from their peer. There are many problems that the teenagers have to face. Some of the common problems are taking drugs, conflict with parents, and identity issue.

Consumption of drugs is the biggest concern in teenagers who go to the school or to the college. First, the teenagers start to take drugs because they do not have trust in themselves. They do not stand up for their beliefs and have a great influence from their friends. Second, teenagers attend parties often to enjoy. When they are not with their parents, they could do anything they want.

Not getting along with parents and having conflict with them is also one of the problems. First concern is the lack of communication between parents and teenagers. The parents might be busy with their important jobs and other activities. They may no have all the information to what their child is doing when they are not present. The child might feel like he or she is being left out. Next, teenagers argue about their curfew and clothes after comparing themselves to their friends. They also argue about their friends who have bad influence on them, but teenagers do not see that they are being influenced. Finally, teenagers may think that their parents are not giving them enough freedom that they deserve after comparing themselves to their other friends.

One of the most common problems also is the issue of identity. The most important thing for a teenager is to be liked by others. The easiest way for teenagers to be liked by...
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