Ted Movie Critique

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Pezulev 1
Zivko Pezulev
Professor Mitchell
English 101
25 September 2014
Movie Critique
The movie Ted directed by Seth MacFarlane entertains its viewers, but also provides them with life lessons while still making everyone laugh out loud throughout the movie. This movie is about the two main characters, John and Ted. Ted is a stuffed animal that comes to life after John, a lonely child living in Boston, wishes for his stuffed animal to come to life. Coinciding with a falling star, Ted becomes a fully mobile and human-like stuffed animal. This comedy film is very effective, in that there is a happy ending, lack of a plot, and lots of humor. As the result of this childhood wish, John's teddy bear, Ted, came to life, and has been by John's side ever since - a friendship that's tested when Lori, John's girlfriend of four years, wants more from their relationship. Throughout the movie, Ted’s childish acts lead to John and Lori to almost break up. At the end of the movie, Ted is kidnapped by Donny, a stalker who idolizes Ted, and then is rescued by John and Lori, who basically save him from dying at Fenway Park. Ted ends up accepting to have a life of his own, after John and Lori get married. Donny is arrested and sent to jail under charges of kidnapping a stuffed animal, but then is released after the charges sound foolish. The most important criteria for a comedy film is humor, and in this film there is plenty of humor. Although at times the humor in this film is stupid, it still is funny, and there are numerous jokes in that are only funny because a teddy bear says them, which in turn makes them even more humorous. For instance, a simple knock knock joke becomes funny when Ted, the teddy Pezulev 2

bear, says it because of the way in which he talks and his actions as he says it, all contribute to a stupid joke becoming a hilarious joke. Also, seeing a teddy bear doing illegal and adult things, such as smoking weed and drinking alcohol with his good friend...

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