Topics: Tecumseh, Native Americans in the United States, Shawnee Pages: 2 (1294 words) Published: November 4, 2014

HIST 3170
Fall 2014
Review of Tecumseh and the Quest for Indian Leadership
Tecumseh and the Quest for Indian Leadership allows the reader to gain the perspective of Native Americans in particular the Shawnee Indians during a time period in American history. This book takes place before the Revolution, and to the War of 1812. The story starts off by introducing you to a warrior of the Shawnee nation by the name of Cornstalk; he was a well respected man by his people. Cornstalk in his heart knew that one day he would have to battle the Virginians that settled in the Ohio Valley. During the beginning of the 1700’s the conflicts began to emerge between the Shawnees and the Virginians. On October 10th 1774 the battle of Point Pleasant was fought. Lead by Cornstalk the Shawnee Chief, the Shawnees attacked the Virginia militia, hoping to stop them from entering into Ohio country. The Shawnees fought hard but lost the battle because they ran out of ammunition. Cornstalk then had to sign an “unofficial treaty through which they agreed to relinquish their hunting lands in Kentucky” (Edmunds). Tecumseh was born into a large family, his mother Methoataske and father Puckeshinwa had four boys, three daughters. His mother was Creek, and his father was Shawnee. His father was killed at the battle of Point Pleasant by gunfire from the British; his final words were to his son Chiksika, telling him to never make peace with Virginians. In the fall of 1777 Cornstalk had gone to fort Randolph to assist some cartographers to map out Ohio valley. A man was killed by some Indians, even though Cornstalk was not involved in the man’s death a group of people in Fort Randolph gathered and killed Cornstalk and his son along with three other warriors. Cornstalks death came as a surprise to the Shawnee nation and infuriated them, as an act of revenge the Shawnee surrounded Fort Randolph and burned the farms that were around it. The Kentuckians did not stand by, “in May 1779 they sent...
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