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Topics: Website, Economics, Consumer Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: October 13, 2014
Technology changes frequently which would make it difficult for businesses to keep up with the newest technology. Although it may be difficult, businesses take full advantage of effectively using technology to communicate between their employees and their consumers. In today’s world of technology, businesses use email, social media sites and web sites to communicate. One of the most popular forms of technology that businesses use on a daily bases to communicate is email. Emails are incredibly beneficial to businesses because it’s a way to send up and coming information out to their consumers. They are able to send consumers coupons as well as telling their consumers what promotions are going on at the time. Another form of technology the business started using is social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This software allows users to post a profile, blog, or useful links which allow workers to interact on a more personal level (Locker, K & Kienzler, D, 2008). These sites are a way for businesses to communicate closely to their consumers. They also allow the business to reach out to more people by promoting their business all over the world. Even though social media sites are free, businesses are creating their own personal web sites. The only issue with businesses having their own web site is that it can be costly. Having their own web site will allow the business to sell to more consumers by placing products online. Also consumers will be able to contact the business directly on the website if they have any concerns. As you can see, using the latest technology for communication is very beneficial to a business. Some of the forms of technology are free and others will cost the business money but in the long run they are all useful for business communication. Most people these days are technology savvy, so they will appreciate that a business is up to date with the way they communicate. Having these types of communication will make the consumer feel more...
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