Business Communication Trends

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Communication Trends
A company’s communication levels can affect the company image. An employee’s communication level can cause confusion and other concerns among the ranks within the company. Business communication trends lead the communication levels that are used within the business industry around the world. Daily Activities

Business communications and personal communications is a must in the busy life that I lead. I must make sure that within the business that my level of communication is understandable with the staff. The communication levels that were used at past employers dealt with meetings, written and oral disciplinary actions. These areas helped when dealing with the daily management activities. Disciplinary actions were to be verbally explained before written measures were taken. Meetings were used to explain sales promotions and other company concerns to all employees. Within the personal aspect of my life, I need to be clear on the level of communication with doctors. Being a full time care giver communication is required to make sure that medications are given properly to my father. With both business and personal activities, the message must be clear enough to be understandable and it must build good will. Daily communications with past employers and with the doctors gives certain levels of achievement that lets one know that everything was done properly. Business Trends

New technology is being introduced daily into the business world. In past employers I have seen several different communication trends used to express issues within the company. Some of my past employers have used personal digital assistants (PDAs), e-mail and text messaging, job flexibility, and team work (Locker & Kienzler, 2008). PDAs were an excellent way to let a person work from home if it is needed or they can be used for someone that is not in the office every day. E-mails became useful when the company had grown to larger numbers and were used as a way to order...
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