Technology In Law Enforcement

Topics: Police, Crime, Law enforcement agency Pages: 6 (1358 words) Published: April 18, 2017

Intro to Law Enforcement
CRJU 1105
Professor Stewart
Kiana Freeman
Writing Assignment:
The Changing Role of Law Enforcement:
A Look at Technology

History showed us that early law enforcement was voluntary and wage-less for those working. No one wanted to be a victim of crime but at the same time no structure really existed for law enforcement. As time went on uniforms and standards were applied to law enforcement as well as wages. Law enforcement eventually went from foot patrol to vehicle patrol and began carrying weapons. There are many technologies that aided but at the same time hindered law enforcement in their everyday job lives. The number one goal of law enforcement is to stay a step ahead of criminals and technology is...

Billy clubs and baton were used to maintain control when a person or persons became unruly. A quick hit in the arm, leg, or back with a baton to send a message before more serious force had to be used. Today tasers have taken the place of billy clubs and batons. These devices deliver electric shocks to the body which can render a person helpless and even in some cases kill them. The taser does not work the same on all people, which makes it controversial because one small shock can kill this person and not the next person. Electricity is a powerful force and to be shocked into compliance by law enforcement does not sit well with most people. Law enforcement carries their standard issued glock at all times. The rise in police shootings has cast so much more negative light on law enforcement due to the nature of how the shootings occurred and video evidence. Law enforcement has a lot to protect when it comes to the public but at the same time they must maintain a standard of excellence, transparency, integrity, and honesty with the community. All these things can become hard to do if leadership is following corrupt principals.
Aviation technology has come along to help law enforcement tremendously. Sometimes we turn on the evening news to see a high speed chase in progress or and armed suspect on the run. As we are watching the live news reports we see helicopters...

The fox network has a show called APB which shows a futuristic perspective of law enforcement. A billionaire by the name of Gideon who becomes determined to fight crime when the perpetrator that committed a crime against his friend is not caught. Gideon is a very skilled engineer and has the whole police department decked out in the finest technology. The body armors the officers where, the technology in their vehicles and the communications are all top of the line. Money determined a lot in law enforcement as far as staffing, equipment, services and much more. The more money a department has the more it can afford new technologies and training for its law enforcement officers. Hypothetically if the city of Atlanta has a Gideon spear heading their agency with money and the best technology how much better would the city of Atlanta be. Technology moves like air currents and is always evolving to fit the needs of people in their everyday lives. Law enforcement has to do the same because now the biggest newest threats are coming from the cyber world. Cybercrime is on the rise exponentially and at an all-time high. Law enforcement agencies have task forces to combat this threat or used trained and certified hackers to track down offenders. Computer technology and security are at the fore front of crime fighting today. The show APB shows that a quick computer search or the use of gps can quickly pin point the perpetrator...
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