Technology Implementation Paper

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Project planning, training, and support strategies are all necessary when implementing a technology plan. This paper will discuss how a new technology system should be implemented in the Finance Department in a law firm and what necessary steps are needed to have a successful technology implementation.

Technology Implementation Paper
Implementing new technology will affect all employees in the organization. When a recommendation is made to implement new technology or upgrade, facts need to be presented to an Executive Committee or Board for approval. Having the correct answers for questions regarding these changes need to be answered before the implementation will take place. The author of this paper will discuss the implementation of accounting software done in a law firm where she worked. This paper will discuss what is involved, who is involved in the decision making process, and who is affected by these decisions when a new technology system is implemented. Project Plans

The first step when implementing a new technology system in the Finance Department is what software is suitable for the accounting which is done in the organization. “Upgrading for the sake of upgrading is not a sound business strategy. However, continuing to use outdated technology could cost your business. Upgrading may advance your company’s competitive position in the marketplace” (Kform, 2006, ¶ 5). Accounting software programs work differently depending on what type of organization you work for and in a law firm, the Finance Department works differently from most organizations. When the author of this paper worked in a law firm, she had the experience of a new accounting software program being implemented during the time she worked at the law firm. Since all employees in the Finance Department were being affected by the new software, they all should have had some say in the project, but it was the CEO and the Billing Manager who were involved in the project planning....
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