Technology Impact Paper

Topics: Supply chain management terms, Customer service, Electronic Data Interchange Pages: 3 (1012 words) Published: February 8, 2009
Technology Impact Paper

Technology affects customers on a daily basis. Companies must turn their attention to the people if they plan to succeed in today’s technology-driven economy (O’Connor, and Regan B., 2002). Companies must cater to customers, invest in people, be innovative, and show true compassion for others. This paper will research how Stone Incorporated introduced new products to customers through the use of technology, how the new technology has proven value added, outline support plan for customers who may have questions, and emphasize new partnerships with technology partners and enhanced customer experiences. Introducing new products to customers through the use of technology After implementing the System Analysis and Program Development (SAP) system into Stone Incorporated, the customers noticed a remarkable improvement in customer response time. Customers could expect a response within 24 hours of entering an order. Details were available on expected ship dates and by chance, if there was a part shortage, details were given on the expected arrival date of the parts causing the interruption of delivery. When orders shipped, a detailed shipment log will be automatically sent by electronic mail (e-mail), giving shipment date and estimated date of arrival. How the new technology has proven value added

Installing the Electronic Data Interchange system (EDI), has proven to be value added for customers and Stone Incorporated. Each time a purchase order is released, EDI electronically sends the order to the vendor. The vendor sends their invoice EDI as well. Purchase orders and invoices are received in a timely manner, allowing improved relationships between customers and vendors. Use of internet is another value added tool. The internet has allowed such program as the supplier portal. The supplier portal is also available allowing the vendor to log onto the portal at any time and see all open orders, invoices, long-term requirement reports, and a...
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