Alaska Airlines Social Responsibility Project

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| Alaska AirlinesStrategic Corporate Social Responsibility Project| | |
| Company Report 5/3/2012|
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Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility Project
Mission Statement:
The mission and vision of Alaska Airlines is that employees share an uncommon blend of integrity, professionalism, caring, resourcefulness, and spirit. Every day they strive to bring these values to life through behaviors and deeds that go above and beyond the ordinary. They call it “North of Expected” and Alaska spirit in action.

Vision Statement:

Stay in closer touch with all the customers—with new technology to quickly tailor communications, marketing promotions and operations in ways that build strong, long-term relationships and increase revenue.

1. Alaska Spirit is the heart of Alaska Airlines. It springs from rich heritage where aviation plays a vital role in the life of every resident
2. Throughout the system, the Alaska Spirit defines the unique character of Alaska Airlines
3. Fun-loving, energetic, and adventurous personality flows from this spirit, as does the belief in service and community involvement
4. Caring about and helping people is the soul of Alaska Airlines 5. As proven professionalism, Alaska Airlines bring a high level of individual skills, expertise, and commitment to work 6. Their bias toward action and readiness to adapt to change and to master difficult challenges exemplify the “can-do” heritage of Alaska Airlines 7. They embrace an atmosphere where hard work, initiative, and teamwork are a tradition, and where creativity and innovation flourish

Alaska Airlines is the 7th larger US airline based on the passenger traffic and is the dominant US west coast air Carrier. 1930s - The history of the Airline is going back to 1932 when Linious “Mac” McGee painted “McGee Airways” on the side of his little plane and started flying to Alaska. Two years later, in 1934 McGee merged with Star Air Service creating the largest airline in Alaska which flew 22 planes. The business continued to grow and expand by buying several other small Airlines. 1940s -In 1944 McGee Airways changed its name to Alaska Airlines and began to fly to the other 48 state. By the late 1940s, using surplus military aircraft, Alaska had branched into worldwide charter work, including the Berlin Airlift in 1948 and Operation Magic Carpet, the airlift of thousands of Yemenite Jews, to Israel in 1949. 1950s - In 1951 Alaska’s dream came true when they received the authority to fly from Anchorage and Fairbanks to Seattle and Portland. As a result the companies’ financial situation has improved. In 1957 Charlie Willis, a decorated World War II pilot, came aboard as chairman and CEO. He was the one who brought in-flight movies to the nation's skies for the first time. 1960s - During 1960s Alaska Airlines started flying gets and also became the first commercial carrier to fly the Lockheed Hercules for hauling cargo. Boeing 727s joined the fleet in mid 60s. 1970s -In the early 70s the airline were going through the financial crisis. The company was hit with rising fuel and operating costs that nearly caused the airline to go bankrupt. The airline was $22 million in debt when the new CEO Ronald Cosgrave took over. He began to make major changes. He started working with stakeholders of the company to set common goals and work forward performance. This brought people together. Then later the logo of the airline was changed to an image of a smiling Eskimo, which remains today. As a result of these changes the company made profit and continued to be profitable until now. 1980s -Alaska expanded tremendously during 1980. Alaska Air Group, the parent company of Alaska Airlines, was formed in ‘85 as a holding company for the airline and a year later acquired Horizon Air and Jet America Airlines. By the end of the 80s, Alaska had tripled in size. 1990s - In 1990 the company maintained a...
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