Technology Impacted English Language

Topics: Instant messaging, Internet, Mobile phone Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: November 11, 2008
The world of technology is undoubtedly changing very fast and every day. It has become involves or even attaches to our everyday life. Most of the times, technology are useful; it allows us to do things faster, better, and differently from the way our parent did ten years ago. However, everything in life seemed to have a bad thing attached to it. Every day it becomes more obvious that people use technology as a short cut to their every task, especially in the world of communication. Such as Email, Instant Messages, and Cell phone texting are dangerously rising, which can cause a fatal impact on our rich and brilliant English language.

Ten years ago most of us would have to pick up a pen and paper to write a letter to our friends who are in a far-away place. Sometimes it would take up days or weeks for a letter to arrives, and sometimes the letter would get lost along the way, especially for the international mailing. As far as the technology keeps on changing, the internet become widely used and everyone is able to gain an access to it, email provides a great solution for a long and time consuming letter. Writing and sending email render us a much faster (in the matter of seconds) and cheaper way to communicate. However, when we are writing in the email form, we tend to forget the rules of language which had been set for hundreds of years. For example, misspelling, and punctuation errors are the most common mistake people made in emails.

But that is not the worst, as people demanding for a different and more exciting means of communication, internet are no longer for just surfing the website or email. It has become an Instant Messaging machine (IM) This kind of communication empower the communicators to send and receive messages simultaneously just as they would on the conventional conversation. Yet, this mean of immediate interacting compelled the participators to brief or abbreviate the words into a shorter form such as FYI (for your information) IIRC (if I...
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