Paper 3

Topics: Communication, Writing, Message Pages: 3 (863 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Hussam Mawari
Professor Lee Brooks
English Composition 106
3 March, 2013
Paper 3
With the breakthrough in technology, communication seems to be changing drastically. Communication began face-to-face; over time, easier means of communication were developed and revolutionized our culture. The culture of communication was reformed by technological developments such as: the cell phone, e-mail, and social networking websites. These technological developments are so common that many people from recent generations could not imagine what they would do without them. Fawzia Kalek, a middle aged computer science major, has experienced both cultures and the transition from old fashion communication to modern communication. In an enlightening interview, Fawzia describes the revolution from her educated perspective.

Born in 1964, Fawzia spent her early life without nearly as much technology as we have today. Fawzia and her family have always been old fashion middle class people, but they loved staying up to date with technology. In Fawzias childhood, communication outside of talking face to face was a hassle. A few examples of those forms of communication were using telephones and writing letters. Growing up, Fawzia and her family owned a rotary telephone. The telephone was popular; however, it could not replace all the means of communication. Not everyone had a telephone, it was common in households and businesses but lower class people could not afford it. Also, the telephone also had its limits. People avoided long distance calls because of its high prices. Fawzias parents grew up in Yemen, so it was important for them to keep in touch with people overseas. Because of the high prices, her parents were forced to limit the amount of time they spent on every call home. Another inadequacy in the telephone was that there was no way to leave a message. This was a major problem for Fawzias family because everyone in the household was either working or at school for most of...

Cited: Kalek, Fawzia A. "The Transformation of Communication." Personal interview. 01 Mar. 2013.
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