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Topics: New York City, The New Yorker, Imaginary friend Pages: 3 (1377 words) Published: December 7, 2014
WEI WEI (Jocelin)
Paper 1 final
Basic comp. 01:355:100G4
Professor Donna Cantor

Through Another Pair of Eyes
It is easy for people to forget all the surroundings when they become busy. However, most of people in New York City just ignore everything except their work and family; even so, there are a few of people though other people’s eyes aware of they need to pay more attention on other things in their lives. The story “Bumping into Mr. Ravioli” by Adam Gopnik is about his daughter Olivia who has an imagination playmate, Mr. Ravioli, who is too busy to play with her. Moreover, Olivia always talk to her parents about she is hang out with Mr. Ravioli. As oppose to this, Olivia just stay at home. After a while, the writer find that Mr. Ravioli also have an assistant. Gopnik begins to get nervous and he asks his sister about this situation about Olivia. His sister is a psychologist who explores what goes on inside the head of children. After talking to his sister, he begins to observe his daughter to see what she thought and try to understand her behaviors. At the same time, Gopnik also find that most of the New Yorker becomes too busy to get in touch with their friends. Although technology development makes people become too busy to observe what is going on in the city the live, they still can through other people’s eyes see how their culture influences them. Although technology development make people too busy to work in their own lives, it still influences people around them. With the high technology development, people pay more attention in the new things. Obviously, people enjoy their lives with convenience communication through technology. However, most of people forget to have a real conversation with their friends. At the same time, most people’s children also influences by the language that their parents always talk about. Gopnik write that: “ A paracosm is a society thought up by a child--- an invented universe with a distinctive...
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