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Topics: Lie, Ten Commandments, Tell Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: February 10, 2015
Adrian Rodriguez

Ms. Weaver
Eng. 101
November 1, 2013
Reprehensibility of the White Lie
White lies seem to have so many facades nowadays. There are used wisely but you would never know that they are in use. “Do you like this dress on me? Of Course. Did you enjoy the party? It was a blast. Did you break this vase? It wasn’t me!” (206) White lies may seem innocent but are they truly as innocent as we see them? Is it truly okay to tell these lies?

As much as the lies can seem to be having no value in telling they can be of help. They help people play by the rules of society such as politeness. Jennifer states, “ When a guest tells his hostess that an obviously lame party was ‘Terrific!’ he, as well as everyone within hearing range knows that he is lying”(207). This proves the point behind the lie is to be polite and not showing a true rudeness so, there is credibly a reason behind telling that lie.

Is it truly acceptable to tell a lie though? There are is no “complete answer” (207) to this question, but know that there is a limit to have far you can take it. Some take lying to be a very serious offense, especially those of a religious faith and “perhaps that makes sense since one of the Ten Commandments is ‘you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor’ ”(208). This may have many meanings though cause that’s a common lie. White lies seem to have high variations compared to the common lie, which make it worse. This can be do to the fact white lies fit all the criteria of common lying and it hides under a false cover making it seem ok when its not. Also notable is the fact that white lies are so destructive due to the fact is hurts the receiver and the sender of the lie. No matter how you look at it, a white lie is completely reprehensible. Many people think hiding behind the lie eases one of their problems but it actually causes them to stay hidden and arise at the worst times. The white lie will always be morally and ethically...
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