technology affect on life

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How much does teenagers use their cell phones these days and how much are they connected online during a day by their phones! To much time if you ask me! But for the younger generations it is absolutely normal and also necessary! And the questions that arise in my mind are: Is this a new way to be more social or, do the technology really make them unsocial? And how will this constant connectionaffect them?

Are cell phones making teens unsociable or social!
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My daughter who is fifteen years old has an android cell-phone which means that she is constantly connected to Internet and of course Face Book. To be around her means that you have to listen to constant "beeps" and sounds from the cell when all her 1000 friends update their status. It makes me really stressed. But that is me! For her, this is vital and necessary! She does not need constant updates from 1000 friends but the updates from her close friends are very important to her. Most teenagers in my daughter’s age use the cell-phone as a constant companion! It is like the cell-phone has become an extension to their body. Whenever I see my daughter I see her cell-phone! It is sort of glued to her: she sleeps with her cell-phone on the pillow, she eats with her cell-phone near by, either in her bra or in a pocket, she brings the cell phone to the bathroom, have it visible when taking a shower, and the other day I was stunned to see that the cell-phone was in fact in her hand under her dinner plate and over a soup pan when she served herself some hot soup! But that is my point of view, for me to be so close to my cell phone all the time would be a horror! But what about the generation who has grown up with Internet and cell-phones? For them it is the opposite! They get stressed when they are disconnected! They can’t imagine a reality where they can’t be reachable on all hours. And most of them haven’t experienced a life without the cell-phone. To be offline or don’t have a cell-phone...
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