Turn Off the Phone, Turn Off the Tension

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Nguyen, PaulaNguyen 1
Period 2
Reflection on: Turn Off the Phone (and the Tension)
Jenna Wortham/New York Times/Aug. 25, 2012
The article, “Turn Off the Phone (and the Tension)” by Jenna Wortham, from the New York Times, can be related to most people in our generation. Our generation is filled with new technology and doing things faster and more efficient. I would say the majority of teenagers have smart phones with texting and/or internet. I feel that most people have forgotten to live in the moment and just to enjoy what is around them. I personally know many people who are constantly on social networking sites and updating pictures of their everyday life. For some reason, we care so much about other people's lives and what they are doing every second of the day. But I believe that we need to ask ourselves, "Is this even relevant to me?", "Does this help my life in any way?" I can completely relate to what this article is saying because I have also had these thoughts in my head. The one thing that most people will always bring when they go out somewhere is their phone. I use to feel naked if I didn't have my phone with me wherever I went. I had the tendency to constantly check on Facebook for my friends' updates and pictures. But the first time I had no choice but to leave my phone behind was when I went to Outdoor Science Camp in eighth grade. When I found out that we weren't allowed to bring our phones, I was completely lost and didn't Nguyen 2

bare the thought of not having my phone with me. But when I was away from my phone and the internet, I felt more free and alive than I had in a long time. I forgot the feeling of just living in the moment and not always having to show people online what I was up to or to check on updates that were irrelevant to me. From then on, I limited myself from using my phone and going on the internet. Being away from all the advance technology that we have today is very difficult. I, myself, admit...
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